Is my personal data safe ?

What do we save :

  • IP Address

  • General file informations

  • Obfuscation logs

  • Live Chat Discussions

We use strong encryption to protect all of your personal data on our servers.

My protected file is detected as a virus, what can I do ?

NETGuard.IO Obfuscator uses state-of-the-art techniques to scramble your original code and ensure decompiled code is hard to understand.

You shall contact antivirus false positive report system :

If you got issue with any of these services please contact our technical support !

How do I become βeta member ?

To be eligible to the βeta membership, you must fulfill certain conditions :

  • Own a reputable service / program (>100 regular users).

  • Allow us to use your service / program logo on our index page.

  • Write a 20 words review for us to use on our index page.

The last decision is made by the technical team, the older your account is the more chance you have to be approved.

βeta members have access to private advanced obfuscation techniques